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TerraGreen® Coatings

TerraGreen Coatings based on renewable resources

Other than traditional waterbased coatings, which are based on petroleum derivatives, TerraGreen focuses on resins and waxes from nature. TerraGreen is based on natural resources for a high percentage.

In its resource base, TerraGreen is independent from petrochemicals and the shortage of fossil resources. Finite resources are safed for future generations. The raw materials for TerraGreen are based on plants and trees and provide a positive climatic effect. The use of renewable resources is comparatively CO² neutral and protects the sustainability of our climate.

This coating technology has been awarded more than once. Among others, TerraGreen won the Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry in 2008.

With TerraGreen it is possible for the first time to produce printed products completely with substrate, printing inks and coating based on renewable resources. Be a technology driver, contribute to the protection of our climate, profit from a positive image and offer additional value to your customers.

Go Green.

TerraGreen - What is inside?

Resins and waxes used for TerraGreen are not foodstuffs or are substances used in the foodstuff chain. The application of TerraGreen has no negative impact on the availability of foodstuffs.

No plants, trees or animals are eliminated for the waxes and resins used in TerraGreen. Comparable to caoutchouc, the used materials are harvested and the biomass remains existing. The resins and waxes used grow naturally in the wild or they are harvested at traditionally existing and sustainably cultivated plantations in Europe, South America and Asia. TerraGreen has no negative impact on existing eco systems.



TerraGreen - Technical properties

TerraGreen is a coating developed for the coating unit in sheet-fed offset. Similar to traditional waterbased coatings, it dries through hot air and infrared. Thanks to its stable running characteristics on the printing press, no adaptations to current machines are necessary.

The core functions of the coating, such as scuff and scratch resistance, block resistance, wet block resistance and gloss, are comparable to classical waterbased coatings. In liquid condition, the coating provides a natural odour of wood. In dry condition on the printed product, the coating is odourneutral. On substrates with high whiteness, the coating film may show a light yellowing.